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KFX Platinum Lifetime Membership  

£499 / one time fee

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Our KFX Platinum Pass is perfect for those who need an extra helping hand with their analysis and entries. Get continuous daily trade set ups with exact levels to enter and exit the market. Join a growing community of like-minded traders, many of whom are now professional traders with eyes on the market at all times.

  • Access to all our Funded Traders Analysis/Trade set ups

  • Access to KFX Platinum Analysis Group

  • Access to our Exclusive Telegram Group 

  • Access To KFX Partnered Broker (lowest spreads & fees)

Step 1; Join KFX Platinum Membership *

Step 2: Join KFX Partnered Broker

(message @kfxcapital on Instagram, for the unique link)

Step 3: Gain Access to KFX Platinum Telegram

Step 4: Become a Profitable Trader 

Without completing Step 1 & 2 you will not gain access to the groups. Using our link above - will give you access to the KFX bonus. This means we will add an extra 50% of whatever you deposit. For example you deposit £1000 we will add an extra £500 as trading equity to your account. See T&Cs. 


One time fee 

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