Why KFX?

Short story about me


I always wanted to have a lot of money. Not to show off or to make others feel bad; I wanted to have a well-paid job to look after my family and also do what I wanted with my life. I couldn't work a dead-end 9 to 5 for the single fact that it wouldn't bring me the wealth I wanted nor the satisfaction of true accomplishment.  So, I set off on my journey to find a high paying job without having to sacrifice myself in the process. Cutting a long story short, after many ups and downs we are here today. After 4 years of being in the trading game and 2 years of being a consistently profitable trader, I now feel it's ready to teach people how to trade properly using my unique, yet, simple strategies that I have created and backtested. KFX was created for the people, providing a high quality education, while keeping it simple enough for even a novice to understand. The KFX mission is to revolutionise the Forex industry with our new techniques and unseen details.  

What makes us different?

Not your average 'forex bro' 


During my journey, I have purchased 10's of courses. Most of these courses are hugely over-priced with very basic content. Overall, I must have spent around £8,000 on courses, which is significantly above the average disposable income an ordinary person can afford. This is why I have created KFX; to give you only the best parts of what I have learnt along my journey. I have created a unique strategy which is like no other. After years of backtesting and refining, I have taken what I have learnt and adapted it to the Forex market, allowing me to become consistently profitable with my own unique strategy. This is something which I am super proud of and I am now ready to share it with the world. I can't wait for you to join me on this journey and the rest of the KFX family.  

Chase your dreams 

A message from me to you 


This isn't really trading related. Just something I don't think people hear enough. So here goes; to be great, doesn't mean to have lots of money, fast cars, Gucci bags and profoundly big mansions. Obviously, all of these things are nice in their own right, however, for me this was never the goal. Back when I was 15, I looked at the world and I knew that no one was truly free. What do I mean, you ask? I mean working a 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, working your life away for a company that isn't even yours. Would you call that freedom? Having to ask permission to have time off with your family... to live your life? What if they say no? See, that's just it; modern day slavery IS the rat race. My mission was to step off the hamster wheel as soon as I could, so at the age of 16 I started trading Forex. 4 years later here we are; a consistently profitable forex trader for the past 2 years, having launched my own company and secured my first office at the age of 19. Learning to trade Forex and investing in myself was the best thing I have ever done. Now it's time for me to teach you how to do what I did -  All in 1 course and a fraction of the time. See you on the other side...