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Apply For Funding & Receive Up To 4 Million Dollars  

Everything A Trader Will Ever Need...  

KFX is a place for all traders at all levels, growing together and supporting one another in your journey to success. 

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Daily Trades & Analysis Group 

Exclusive analysis and trade ideas sent to our telegram channel. 

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KFX Funded Traders

Through our education and memberships, we now have hundreds of clients who have gained the knowledge and skills to become funded traders.

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Market Updates 

The KFX Team ensures you stay up to date with the latest news updates. 

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Weekly Analysis Videos

Two videos per week taking you through any new trade ideas or set ups with in-depth explanations a step by step guide.

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Mentorship For All

Benefit from a wide range of knowledge, from full-time traders.

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KFX Libary

Gain access to over 200 videos within our telegram channel where you can go through all our educational weekly videos. 

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Watch our head trader in action  

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