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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Funded Accounts Can I Have?


You are allowed to have up to 5 evaluation funded accounts at the same time.

However, once passing the evaluation, you are allowed only 2 PM fully funded accounts.

This is because we look for independent traders to diversify our risk; hence, having more than 2 fully-funded accounts with the same funded trader will expose us to at least double the risk.  

Do I Get Disqualified Immediately If I Break Any Rules?

No. KFX Capital doesn't disqualify its Evaluation Traders when making a mistake. 

KFX Capital is flexible and does not try to catch you on a genuine mistake. When violating our rules we do the following:

  1. KFX Capital notifies the funded trader about any violations during the evaluation and/or after failing the evaluation, and/or after passing the evaluation.

  2. Simply, any profit made with violation of the risk management rules will not be counted towards the final profit target $.

PS: When breaking the max loss rule, is the only time where KFX Capital disqualify you due to losing the account. Please read document attached below.

Which rules would automatically disqualify me immediately during the evaluation phase?

The only way you would get disqualified immediately is if you hit your Max Loss allowed.

Otherwise, we would never disqualify you without any notice. We usually send warning emails of any violations. At some point, if the violations continue without adhering to our risk management policies, then we would disqualify you after letting you know that we would be taking this action. 


Generally, you should adhere to these specific rules: 

  1. Always use a Stop Loss

  2. Never risk more than 1.5% x Initial Account Size per position.

If you happen to break any of the rules above, we will not disqualify you, but any profit made by violating any of the rules above will not count towards your final evaluation target and we will extend your profit target by the amount of the violations. 


For example, if your Evaluation Profit Target is $300, but you have violated the No Stop Loss Rule by trading without a stop loss and made a profit of $50. Then you would face 2 scenarios: 

  1. If you pass the evaluation: then at the end of your evaluation, your target would be extended by $50, and you would need to continue trading until you hit $350. 

  2. If you fail the evaluation with a profit (let's say $90), then we would deduct the profit made by violation $50, and we would pay you the remaining $40 profit.


Do I Have To Trade For The Full Evaluation Period?

No. The evaluation period is up to 1 year. If you complete all the requirements before the 1 year period, then you will be upgraded to the Portfolio Manager with a fully funded account immediately, as long as you have met all the other requirements. 


What If I Hit The Trade Evaluation Targets Early in Fewer Trades & Less Time?

In this situation, carry on trading the same way until you meet all the other requirements. We use the time requirements to show us that you will be a responsible trader and trust to allocate capital to you. We look for consistency in your trading over at least 30 trading days because it is important to see consistency in your trading during your Evaluation Phase. PS: trades in & out only to fulfil the 30 min active trading days requirements will not be counted. We have our evaluation rules to properly assess the trader's performances over at least 30 trades. You can reduce the risk but not opening 0.01 lots to fulfil the requirements without proper trading. 

What Happens To The Lot Sizes Every Time The Funded Account Is Doubled?

The lot sizes also double to scale with the account. For example, if the max lot size for the evaluation phase of the $12.5K funded account is 0.75, your lot size will grow from 0.75 lots to 3 lots once you become a KFX Portfolio Manager. Once we double the account size to $100K, then the lot size will double from 3 to 6 lots, and so on 


What Trading Platform Does KFX Capital Use For Its Funded Accounts? & Can I Use MT4 On My Mobile Device?

You will be using MetaTrader 4 (commonly known as MT4); the top choice for most FX traders as we want to accommodate all traders.

Also, MT4 can be downloaded on via the Google Play Store, or the Apple App Store.

Can I Use A VPS For My Algo? & Where Is Your Server Located?

Yes of course. We recommend using ForexVPS as it is one of the companies that offer an good price value with great features. 


KFX Capital servers are located in Amsterdam so if you want the lowest latency possible, then it's best that you choose your VPS location as Amsterdam. 


How Can I Utilize The Full 1:100 Leverage?

The Leverage on the accounts is 1:100 to allow scaling to traders or opening more positions on other pairs or trading assets.

Simply, for proper risk management practices, you can utilise the 1:100 Leverage in incremental steps that can be found in the Scaling Plans Tables under the "Initial Lot Size Allowance" Column. 

The Lot Size Allowance simply means, how many lots you can have open with a stop loss at risk for all positions combined.

Consider these scenarios If you are on a $12,500 evaluation account 

a. If you open a trade open with 0.75 lots with stop loss NOT at break-even or in profit => then your Lot Size Allowance stays at 0.75 lots.

b. If you have a trade open with 0.75 lots with Stop Loss at break even or in profit, then you have freed up your risk and you can now open a new 0.75 lots into new trades or add more positions.


Which Broker Does KFX Capital Use?

We use a 3rd party to ensure the best price execution and to connect us directly to our liquidity provider using STP (Straight Through Processing). It is vital you understand that you’re one of our clients and not our broker's client. KFX Capital is the broker’s client.

How Long Does It Take For One To Receive Their Mt4 Account Credentials After Making The Payment?

You will receive your account login within a 48 hour period after purchase. If you don't receive the your logins within this time period please email us, will be more than happy to help you get funded as soon as possible. 

Do I Pay Any Fees After The Evaluation?

No. There are no fees whatsoever after the 1st payment at the beginning of the evaluation. Also, there are no monthly or hidden fees. We are 100% transparent in our fee structure and we only ask traders to cover the initial potential loss for their evaluation.

How Long Can I Stop Trading During The Funded Trader Program?

The evaluation period starts from the day issuing the funded account and the trader has up to 1 year to complete the evaluation and meet all the requirements.

However, once becoming a Portfolio Manager, the trader can stay up to 2 months without any trading activity. 

In case the Portfolio Manager needs more than 2 months of inactivity, they need to notify KFX via email, and we will put your account on hold.


What Methods Of Payments Are Available?

The only method of payment on our website is by Credit/Debit Card.

Agreement Of Terms 

By purchasing any of our funded accounts, you agree to all terms and conditions stated on our website and including all documents. Completing any purchase on our site gives us an electronic signature of agreement and consent. 

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